We are printers

It goes without saying that WEISS-Druck uses state-of-the-art technology. And that is not all: The scope and variety of our machines are unparalleled in Germany. We can therefore produce your products with unrivalled speed and economically, starting with prepress, digital and offset printing and so-called postpress work, i.e. binding, inserting inserts or dispatch. Our employees are as strong as our systems: Highly qualified, well-trained and with regular participation in further training courses, they ensure that your orders are implemented with the highest quality.


Printing machine Prepress

Prepress - The perfect start

The - somewhat old-fashioned - term "pre-printing" has now been replaced by the word "prepress". With good reason, because in addition to the classic preparatory work of a printing process, i.e. the professional checking, revision or even new creation of print data as well as typesetting and pagination, the creation of printing plates using the computer-to-plate process (CTP) is now part of the scope of the work. WEISS-Druck works almost exclusively digitally and online. For you as our customer, this means convenient data transfer via our web portal and the possibility to track all progress and check online proofs.


Digital printing machine

Digital printing

We can be very big, but we can also be very small. Because in addition to large order volumes, we also process small quantities from 1 copy with the same quality. Digital printing is perfectly suited for this due to its speed and cost-effective implementation. It can also be used for practically any format, from business cards, flyers, brochures, photo albums and posters to large-format posters, roll-ups or backlits (backlit posters). We use offset paper between 60 g/m² and 350 g/m². Finishing can be done with transparent, matt or glossy foils and, if desired, with a high-gloss finish.


Sheet-fed offset machine

Sheet-fed offset

We are equipped for any order size. For large print runs of magazines or journals, starting at about 50,000 copies, we produce in rotary printing, smaller quantities in sheet-fed offset printing. This also offers the possibility of using special paper qualities on request - a great way to design supplements, bound-in inserts or response cards, but also catalogues, posters or mailings, in even the smallest of runs.


Transport rails for printed products

Web offset / heatset

Large printing capacities are no problem for us. WEISS-Druck has the experience to produce even exceptionally high quantities with ease. This is made possible by our state-of-the-art rotary printing machines, which produce economically from about 10,000 copies and even more efficiently from 50,000 to 100,000 copies. Quantity always goes hand in hand with perfect quality, which our customers expect for high-quality advertising brochures or magazines. Web offset printed products can be additionally dried and cured using the "heatset" process to achieve a truly unique gloss in the end product.

WEISS-Druck relies on six high-performance printing machines made by the manroland company for good reason. This enables us to use the right machine for the job which is perfectly scaled to the job while ensuring speed, low costs and consistently high quality.

Printing machine e-line

Web Offset / Coldset

Newspaper printing is the reason from WEISS's success. Today, we produce weekly newspapers in over 160 editions, some of which have more than 100 pages and a total circulation of well over five million copies. Thanks to our experience, competence acquired over many years, highly motivated employees and a future-oriented machinery park, we can handle these quantities with ease. We produce weekly newspapers, partial editions of a metropolitan newspaper, but also advertising supplements of the major retail chains for insertion in newspapers or nationwide direct advertising. We use newsprint or recycled paper and thus always ensure an optimal result in the coldset process, i.e. drying without heating, but purely mechanically, the so-called "ink penetration".


Printing hall with several machines

Postpress - Simply a perfect performance

When we have finished printing, we are far from finished. Our service portfolio goes much further. The WEISS- Druck team is also highly competent in the "postpress" area. Gluing, finishing, inserting or foiling, expertly carried out on modern machines, rounds off the end product.

And finally, we also ensure the direct route to your customer. The WEISS Lettershop takes care of your mailings and personalised items, handles packing, inserting in envelopes, addressing and finally ensures postage-optimised dispatch. Our machines can address up to 12,000 print products fully automatically - and if required, we can also equip your print products with product samples, postcards, CDs or similar.