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The history of the WEISS-Verlag dates back to 1875, when the local newspaper "Stadt- und Landbote" first appeared in Monschau. A lot of time has passed since then and the WochenSpiegel has grown significantly. Today it is not only published in Monschau, but also in Schleiden, Euskirchen, Adenau, Ahrtal, Mayen, Cochem, Zell and in the Vulcanic Eifel. In addition to the popular advertising journal, which reaches most households, numerous special products, magazines and digital news offerings complement the publisher's comprehensive media portfolio.

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The nine weekly WochenSpiegel issues by the WEISS-Verlag are managed by our editors directly on site. We inform our readers with topics from daily life, politics and economy locally and from the region. Leisure and event tips are an integral part of the WochenSpiegel. 

We accompany our readers in all stages of life, are involved in charitable campaigns, question things critically and know where things are going on. We are here for you.

Seven magazines from the WEISS-Verlag


In addition to the WochenSpiegel, we publish a large number of magazines. With a wide range of topics from tourism to motor sports, training, construction and modernisation, care as well as families and children - to name but a few - we offer our readers extensive information. These magazines offer sound advice and also give our advertising customers the opportunity to introduce and present their special offers and services.

In addition to our own publishing company products, we also offer individual customer magazines. We are your partner from the idea to editing, layout, printing and distribution.

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Service, travel and ticketing

Are you interested in health topics and questions? We may have the right information or answer for you. We regularly organise lecture evenings on "health" topics with experts from the region.

On our raffle page you can take part in various raffles and win great prizes. Take part and try your luck.

Where and how do you spend the best time of the year? Have a look at our website or give us a call. Choose from our range of organised trips for our subscribers which you can find in our WochenSpiegel editions and online in our e-Paper.

We also offer you the option of purchasing a variety of tickets through us using our ticket service.

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Adverts, supplements and brochures

Do you want to convey your advertising message using a high-reach and established medium? With your advertisement in the WochenSpiegel, you are sure to attract wide attention. Would you like to distribute a flyer or a catalogue? This is not a problem for us. More than 245,000 households are covered by the distribution in our circulation area. By cooperating with our partner publishers, you can also reach over 600,000 households throughout Rhineland-Palatinate. Distribution dates are generally available for the middle of the week or on weekends.

We will be happy to help you with the effective design of your advertisement, supplement or brochure. Our on-site staff will provide expert advice on questions of printing or distribution. Contact us!

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Measurement and more

"Kick off your career" - this is our slogan for our job fairs in Euskirchen and Gerolstein. In addition to the job fairs, we are currently organising the Immobilienmesse in Euskirchen, the Bau- und Immobilienmesse in Hillesheim as well as the Gesund, schön & fit-Messe in Euskirchen

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Digital and social media

Individual advertising campaigns on our website round off our offer for you. Online supplements, online reader campaigns, banners, crossover ads, e-paper links and much more is possible. Contact us!

On our Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram, we provide daily information about all the important events in the region. Your opinion is very important to us. Discuss with other readers and let us know your opinion.

We are here for you

Martina Schmitz
Martina Schmitz

Managing Director

Philipp Magnus Froben
Philipp Magnus Froben

Managing Director

Alexander Lenders
Alexander Lenders

Publishing and editorial manager/authorised signatory

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+49 2472 982-77-237
Mario Zender
Mario Zender

Editor-in-Chief for Digital and Print

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Rebecca Brunk
Rebecca Brunk

Secretariat / Administration Publishing Management

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