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The TW-Verlag, with its headquarters in Monschau, is owned in equal parts by the WEISS Group with its headquarters in Monschau and the publishing company für advertising brochures, with its headquarters in Mülheim-Kärlich. You can find us locally in our offices in Trier and Bitburg. With our WochenSpiegel editions Trier, Mosel-Ruwertal, Konz, Saarburg, Hochwald, Bitburg, Prüm, Wittlich and Bernkastel, we publish weekly at the weekend with a circulation of just over 200,000 copies free-of-charge to all accessible households.


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Our services

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Editorial staff

Our editorial offices always provide our readers and customers with all important information about life, politics and the economy in the region as well as with numerous interesting event tips. Our editors are on-site locally for you, researching on-site and picking up topics that the people of our region are passionate about. Sensitively, critically and to the point - with topics and destinies that move the region. As a modern media company, we also offer numerous innovative services. Because our claim is to be more than just a weekly newspaper.


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Magazines and guidebooks

In addition to our weekly titles, our magazines and guidebooks cover a broad spectrum of topics ranging from education, building & living, families and health care, trade fair, event and sports club magazines and including carnival, wedding planners and legal guidebooks. One thing is particularly important to us: Even though we deliberately address different target groups, all magazines have something in common: They always have the local interests in mind and are a comprehensive source of information and sound advice in one.


WochenSpiegel Trier

Free E-Paper, tickets, events and meetings

At you can access our website from anywhere and free of charge. It provides you with up-to-date and compact information around the clock about everything important that is happening in the city of Trier and, of course, in the greater region. Here you will also find all current WochenSpiegel issues as well as our magazines and guides as free e-paper. Whether on your computer, tablet or smartphone - both our website and our e-paper issues are optimised for display on mobile devices. Or simply use the WochenSpiegel app. You can download the app for Apple devices  here.

And while we're on the subject: Under the heading "Service" you can also take part in many great competitions and buy tickets for numerous events in the greater region. You can advertise your festivals, concerts or excursion tips in our event calendar.

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Social media on all channels

On our Facebook pages, WochenSpiegel Trier and WochenSpiegel Eifel, and our Twitter channel we will keep you informed daily about all important events in the region. The opinion of our readers is very important to us. Visit us on our pages, discuss with other readers and tell us what touches you. You can find beautiful and sometimes unusual photos from the region on our Instagram account.


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Advertising supplements

From flyers to catalogues everything is possible: With classic door-to-door distribution, advertisers reach more than 200,000 households in our distribution area - and if that's not enough, our close cooperation with partner publishing companies enables distribution throughout Rhineland-Palatinate and parts of North Rhine-Westphalia. We also offer maximum flexibility in terms of format, weight and design of the distribution object. From effective advertising design to high-quality printing and distribution - we make sure that your message gets through.


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Adverts - Classic and innovative

Are you currently looking for a new apartment or a new job? Then this is the right place for you! In our job and housing market, you will find all the current advertisements from the greater region at a glance every week. Of course you can also place an advertisement at any time. After all, the advertisement market is the link between trade, crafts, commerce and the reader. Whether print or online - we offer classic family advertisements, continuous text and commercial advertisements as well as innovative special forms of advertising that attract attention: For example the "half-cover light advertisement" - two half pages each, which as a cover encloses the front and back of the desired WochenSpiegel issue. You can also package your advertising message in title ads in various formats, four-page spreads or the innovative "memo stick". The memo stick on the title page can be easily removed and reattached - just like a post-it. Our competent staff will be happy to advise you!


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