Our Museum

The Printing Museum WEISS takes you on a journey through time into the development of printing - from the more than 5,000 year old Chinese characters and Egyptian hieroglyphics to modern times, the ultra-modern web offset printing. Experience how the art of printing has developed audiovisually and haptically. You are invited to touch old machine exhibits, to create your own printer's diploma and to experience how typesetters worked not so long ago using an old typesetter's box.

Experience the Printing Museum WEISS as an interested visitor, as a school class at a workshop or as a cinema guest - thanks to its modern multimedia room "Im Tiegel", it is also ideal for seminars, conferences and lectures.

During the winter months (October to March), a public guided tour for individual visitors takes place on Sundays at 2 p.m. free-of-charge (the visitor only pays the entrance fee).

For groups of 8 persons or more, we open the museum every day on request!

BARRIER-FREE - access to the lift
LEARNING - Recognised extracurricular venue