Locally committed - fully motivated

We at WEISS have set the goal of promoting and even initiating social projects that are particularly close to our hearts. Whether kindergartens, schools, hospitals or clubs - the projects we support are very different, because we prefer to help where help is most urgently needed.


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Kindergartens, schools and more

We provide particularly extensive support for the education and care of children in the distribution areas of our four publishing companies. We will be happy to describe some of the sponsorships in more detail.

For the Astrid Lindgren School in Dohr, which is dedicated above all to holistic and motor development as a focal point of its support, we regularly write articles in the WochenSpiegel and provide the children with gifts for the Christmas party or book donations, among other things.

The play and learning room "In der Weiersbach", which takes care of children from a socially disadvantaged area, is supported with various activities every year: Sometimes trips are made possible in the summer and sometimes a St. Nicholas celebration.

The ST integrative day care centre. HILDEGARD in Ahrweiler, we sponsor a bouncy castle for the summer party every year and money for new purchases so that the children can develop fully.

For the Bitburg Haus der Jugend, which brings young people together for joint activities in order to break down prejudices and promote fun, the Bitburg WochenSpiegel has now been sponsoring the bouncy castle for over 15 years in order to promote the various activities.

WochenKurier also serves as a "godparent" to (terminally) ill children at the Pusteblume children's house, a unique combination of children's hospice and residential community for children with high medical care needs, and has accompanied the Johanniter team from project planning to its planned opening in 2020.

The newborns in the obstetrics ward in Simmerath are photographed twice a week by the editors of WochenSpiegel and prominently presented in the paper and on Facebook.

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WEISS supports a wide range of clubs and associations from the Eifel support groups to animal protection associations and various sports clubs.

For the Animal Protection Association, the "Animal of the Month" is presented monthly in the WochenSpiegel, among other things, in order to help the animals find a new home as quickly as possible.

WochenKurier is also right in the middle of and supports the DDP-Cup, one of the largest dance competitions in the new federal states, which honours kids, teens and adults for their athletic performance.

Honouring Cottbus of the year


Great commitment deserves a lot of applause and even more thanks.

For many years now, WochenKurier has awarded the "Cottbus Citizen of the Year" and the "Dresden Citizen of the Year" annually, to provide a platform for people with outstanding commitment, to recognise their achievements and to thank them for their commitment to their homeland.